5 Phases

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Phase V
A Life in Focus

As stated in Phase I of the 5 Phase Optimum Health Program©, we must begin our healing with the end desire in mind. Phase 5 of this process involves periodic re-evaluation of our desires and goals, with a reorganization of life to achieve them.

Understanding your own life helps you to hear and better understand everyone around you. When you have a positive focus in life, you will make decisions that reflect your goals and potentially have a positive impact on the lives of everyone you interact with. This is called character development and wisdom.

This process is ever changing with a steady gain of knowledge throughout your life. As your knowledge increases, you will naturally re-evaluate your goals and structure your life to achieve your new goals. The process becomes increasingly more rewarding with each day, and you will see the potential world changing impact your life has on the people around you.

» Phase I — recognition and protection from environmental harm
» Phase II — personal stress identification
» Phase III — functional support to correct the body's internal environment
» Phase IV — lifestyle change, detoxification and healing
» Phase V — optimum health maintenance and setting higher goals for your health and life