5 Phases

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Phase IV
Needed Change

Most people are resistant to change and find comfort in a well defined pattern of life. Only when the pattern becomes discomforting or ineffective to support our desired outcomes do we look in other directions. Health works the same way. Many people experience a life threatening health event before they convince themselves it is time to change their approach.

Phase IV of the 5 Phase Optimal Health Program© is your crossroad to making decisions that will impact your health for your lifetime.

At this point you should already have laid down a foundation for wellness and cellular health. Next you must take steps to incorporate lifestyle changes that reflect your health goals, and create habits that promote lifelong health. This is the most difficult Phase of the 5 Phase Optimal Health Program©, as the hardest part of maintaining these habits is working through the side effects of healing through detoxification. The health rewards are exponential from the healthy habits you sow.

» Phase I — recognition and protection from environmental harm
» Phase II — personal stress identification
» Phase III — functional support to correct the body's internal environment
» Phase IV — lifestyle change, detoxification and healing
» Phase V — optimum health maintenance and setting higher goals for your health and life