5 Phases

    » Phase I

    » Phase II

    » Phase III

    » Phase IV

    » Phase V

Phase II
Identify the Cause

A foundational principle of naturopathic medicine, Tolle Causum, states that the cure is found with removal of the cause. "Disease is the body’s sign of over burden, caused by the sum accumulation of all the body stressors (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical)."

Identification and elimination of body burdens (stressor) serves as the foundational naturopathic treatment of disease. It is important to find a health practitioner that will work with your health goals in mind, and use the tools available to seek the cause of your complaints.

Phase II is focused on the identification of your personal causes of disease using various testing techniques that help explain your symptom picture.

» Phase I — recognition and protection from environmental harm
» Phase II — personal stress identification
» Phase III — functional support to correct the body's internal environment
» Phase IV — lifestyle change, detoxification and healing
» Phase V — optimum health maintenance and setting higher goals for your health and life