5 Phases

    » Phase I

    » Phase II

    » Phase III

    » Phase IV

    » Phase V

Phase I
Establishing a Healthy Foundation

With any project, a goal or blueprint is used as a template with the end design in mind. Next a firm foundation must be laid down to create something that will last a lifetime.

Phase I of the 5 Phase Optimal Health Program© begins with establishing your personal health goals, then preparing your body’s environment to achieve optimal cellular function. The focus is on pure air, pure water, pure food, and electromagnetic field (EMF) protection, thus reducing the toxin load that burdens you body.

Therefore, Phase I lays a foundation of health by reducing modifiable stressors in your physical environment and drawing a personal blueprint to base future health choices upon. The next obvious step is Phase II- Identity Personal Body Burdens.

» Phase I — recognition and protection from environmental harm
» Phase II — personal stress identification
» Phase III — functional support to correct the body's internal environment
» Phase IV — lifestyle change, detoxification and healing
» Phase V — optimum health maintenance and setting higher goals for your health and life