5 Phases

    » Phase I

    » Phase II

    » Phase III

    » Phase IV

    » Phase V

The 5 Phase Optimal Health Program©
A Functional Approach to Achieve Optimal Health for All

You begin with the end in mind. What does this mean? You must first make a choice to claim your health, set your goals and settle for nothing less.

After you choose to make your health and life more positive, you prioritize the 5 Phase Optimal Health Program as your personal outline for health success.

In today’s toxic world, the environment works against your health. The 5 Phase Optimal Health Program is an effective and practical approach to change your life and health permanently.

Developed by Darrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh, through Christian inspiration, this practical approach uses the principles of naturopathic medicine, with understanding of your body’s God-given ability to heal. It is Dr. Misak's desire to provide all people the ability and understanding of how to change your life and adopt a basic approach to lifelong optimal health.

» Phase I — recognition and protection from environmental harm
» Phase II — personal stress identification
» Phase III — functional support to correct the body's internal environment
» Phase IV — lifestyle change, detoxification and healing
» Phase V — optimum health maintenance and setting higher goals for your health and life