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Hear Dr. Misak on the HEALTH NUTS podcast with Dr. Chris Carr

Dr. Misak's recent articles from "Naturopathic Doctor News & Review"
-- Mind/Body Health: Bio-Electric Chemistry Connections

-- Intro to Bio-Electric Chemistry: Can you Regulate the Vital Force? (Part 1)
-- Intro to Bio-Electric Chemistry: Can you Regulate the Vital Force? (Part 2)

Dr. Misak pens an article for "Naturopathic Doctor News & Review"
Read "Physican & Profession, Heal Thyself" on the NDNR website
Click here for the article.

Listen to Dr. Misak on Professionals with Impact
Dr. Misak was interviewed about the 5 Phases of optimal health.
Click here to hear the Podcast.

Dr. Misak Published in Peer Review Magazine
Follow the links below to read the articles from Naturopathic Doctor News and Review.
  • "Optimization of Cellular Environment: The key factor to health" - Jan, 2010
  • "Holding to our Truths: Let's keep our focus on the patient" - Nov, 2009

    Dr. Misak's YouTube Channel

    Watch the latest on Dr. Misak's YouTube Channel.

    Wellness Classes / Lectures

    Dr. Misak performs regular lectures that focus on health alternatives and integrative medicine from a traditional naturopathic approach. Watch our home page and our calendar for scheduled events.

    Radio Programs

    Check out archived broadcasts of Dr. Misak’s radio show, “A Natural Connection” on our SoundCloud channel...

    or choose from the titles below to listen:

  • Individualized Therapy

  • We Are Minerals

  • Why Detox?

  • Prescription Drugs

  • Elimination: Everyone Does It

  • Heart Health

  • REST – An Essential Element for Optimal Health

  • Understanding Protein Digestion

  • Salt or No Salt

  • The Implications of Faith and Belief

  • Understand the Process from Appointment to Getting Answers

  • The Amazing Liver

  • Skin Health

  • History of Rife Therapy

  • Homeopathy vs. Naturopathy

  • Natural Order of Therapeutics

  • “The Cannabis Cure” with Guest Dr. Cass Ingram

  • Pseudoscience Review

  • Stealth Viruses and Unexplained Symptoms

  • Colon Cleansing and Revitalization

  • Collagen – Anti-Aging Miracle?

  • Viewpoints to Health - Ours vs. Traditional Media

  • Herbs as Drugs or Food?

  • Mild Hyperbaric Therapy with Guest Dr. Zayd Ratansi

  • Diet Individuality

  • Frequency of Life Energy

  • Live Blood Microscopy – A Visual Internal Analysis

  • Understanding Electro-Analysis and EAV Testing

  • What is Food?

  • Vaccination – Informed Choice

  • Oxygen – A Health Restoration Essential

  • Heavy Metals – Am I Toxic?

  • Fluoride – Friend or Foe?

  • Introduction to Biological Dentistry with Guest Dr. Tammy DeGregorio

  • Therapeutic Fasting – A Chemistry Recharge

  • Changing your Cellular Environment

  • Hair Analysis – Understanding Mineral Ratios and Metabolism with Dr. Bill Risley

  • Diagnosis vs. Analysis

  • Essentials of Digestion

  • Prepare your High Brix Garden with Guest Jon Frank

  • The Mighty Lemon

  • WATER - What Arrangement Transpires Energy

  • Understanding Weight Loss

  • Living a 5 Phase Mentality

  • Microwaves, or more appropriately Radiation Ovens

  • Flu Awareness and Prevention

  • Healthy through the Christmas Season

  • Parasites with Guest Dr. Raphael d'Angelo

  • The Amazing SevenStar with Danish Guest Jorgen Jacobson

  • Biology of New Beginning

  • An Introduction to RBTI

  • Food Quality Concerns and Answers with guest Jon Frank

  • EMF Concerns & Protection with Guest Jean Gallick

  • Germs and Germ Theory Explored

  • Pollution and Detoxification

  • pH Balance and Detoxification

  • Minerals and Health

  • Let's Talk Energy

  • Naturopathic Principles


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