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Congratulations! A mental choice to take the first step towards a health commitment has been made. So what lies on the road ahead? Here is a checklist to assist you.

At Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc. we want to encourage open communication without hidden messages or fees. Your choice to pursue health lies in the decisions you make. Our goal is to guide and teach you a lifestyle of health, while providing traditional naturopathic therapies to support your body to restore optimal performance and health.

Each initial client is encouraged to begin Live Blood Microscopy and a 1.5 hour comprehensive initial consult with Dr. Misak. This comprehensive consult includes an extensive health history review, urine/saliva analysis, vital sign recording, a physical exam with spinal assessment, a homeopathic review and remedy considerations, and initial product and therapy recommendations. Additionally, it is highly recommended to consider EAV testing to assess for food/chemical sensitivities in attempt to identify potential diet and environmental burdens that may explain potential causes to your health concerns.

It is best to come prepared to your initial visit by completing the new patient, homeopathic and digestive questionnaires - this can take 1-2 hours, so make the time to be as thorough as possible. The more clearly you present your health in the questionnaires, the better focus Dr. Misak can be on your needs. For children less than 12 years old, a children's homeopathic questionnaire should be completed. Additionally prior to your appointment, be sure to complete all consent forms, and bring or have your other doctor offices fax (412-563-2040) any lab or diagnostic testing results you have had performed on your search for health answers.

Consult time with Dr. Misak serves to provide you the opportunity to explain your health history and ask any questions. Dr. Misak will perform his examination then write out and explain his initial therapy recommendations and follow-up plan. The recommended EAV testing for food/chemical sensitivity takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, which helps lay the foundation for your diet and detoxification plan based on positive findings.

At completion of your appointment time, our friendly office staff will prepare your invoice for Dr. Misak's services and any supportive products you need.


Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc. is a member of a private group membership only organization. This means that in order to be a client at our facility, must join the Bio-Electric Quantum Health Coalition.

This decision is to protect Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc. from outside sources that view the cellular analysis we provide as a form of diagnosis and treatment.

To enroll in the coalition, you will be asked to complete the enrollment form at your first appointment. The cost of $15.00/year will be assessed at your first appointment. As a way to offset the cost of the membership, we offer $15 off a Far-Infrared Sauna session ($25 value) or $15 off an Ionic Foot Bath session ($40 value).

FREE 30-Minute Initial Consultation!

At Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc., we firmly believe that given the opportunity to help you understand a true naturopathic medical approach will result in improving the health of the Pittsburgh community and build lasting relationships with clients. Therefore, we offer a FREE 30-minute consultation with Dr. Misak.

This FREE offer time includes a review of your health concerns, a naturopathic explanation of possible causes and a basic therapy approach recommendation. This consultation time does not include therapy recommendations or any type of health assessment.

If you are not sure naturopathic medicine is right for you, don't miss this opportunity to evaluate for yourself what naturopathic medicine has to offer.


Appointments are best scheduled by calling our office at (412) 563-1600. Optionally, you may send an email with your contact information and best times for an appointment. See Secure Your Appointment for information regarding security deposit for your first visit.


A primary part of your therapy and naturopathic lifestyle involves protecting yourself in today's toxic world. Dr. Misak teaches a focus on pure air, pure distilled water, pure food and electromagnetic field (EMF) protection.

Incorporating the needed equipment for your protection is a necessity to achieve optimal health. Any products found through links on our website are oriented to provide you this protection.

Because our view of health is individualized based on analyzed information, we believe that there is no single or combination product appropriate for everyone. We generally recommend digestive and liver support products and offer a variety of supplements, which are available through our office. If you know what you want, we may have it or could order a professional quality product by request. We provide shipping at cost plus a $1 handling fee on all requested orders.


Failure to respond to what seems like the perfect plan provides as much information as the perfect response. Unfortunately, many look upon a poor response as lost hope in their health provider. The term "practice" of medicine is based on the individualized patient response and physician monitored observation of the response, followed with a new plan based on the physician's attempt to understand the patient individuality. In other words, "don't give up."

A general follow up visit schedule and analysis with Dr. Misak would be a 2-3 week post initial visit for chronic conditions, or 3-14 days for acute conditions. After response is evaluated and the body shows stable analysis patterns, further visits are usually 1 month later for poor responses or 2-3 months later for positive responses.

Overall, it is recommended to monitor your care 6-8 times the first year then 2-3 times per year thereafter. Follow-up fees with Dr. Misak are reduced compared to initial fees to encourage follow through.


  • Comprehensive 1.5 hour Initial Consultation
    includes 18 Parameter Urine and Saliva Screening Tests
  • $265
  • Children (up to Age 12) 1 Hour Initial Consultation
    includes 18 Parameter Urine and Saliva Screening Tests
  • $195
  • Phone Consultations - New and Existing Patients
    Click here to open the current fee schedule
  • Open
  • Follow Up Appointment (20-30 minute)
    includes 18 Parameter Urine and Saliva Screening Tests
  • $ 75
  • EAV Food/Chemical Sensitivity Screening
    includes updated testing list to include glyphosate and other common environmental concerns.
  • $185
  • EAV Balancing to Environmental Reactant
  • $ 40
  • Live Blood Microscopy (LBM)
    now includes 3 different levels of Educational Review*:
    • Initial Full - live and dry evaluation w/write up
    • Follow-Up - live and dry evaluation-live only write-up
    • Screening - live evaluation only
    $ 75
    $ 30
      *Follow-up and Screening Levels only available after Initial Full Review
  • Initial Colon Hydrotherapy Session
  • $ 95
  • Colon Hydrotherapy Session - after initial
  • $ 80
  • Far Infrared Sauna Therapy and Ionic Foot Bath
  • $ 55
  • Far Infrared Sauna Session (30 minute)
  • Far Infrared Sauna Session (45 minute)
  • $ 25
    $ 45
  • Ionic Foot Bath (30 minute)
  • Ionic Foot Bath (60 minute)
  • $ 40
    $ 60
  • Initial mHBT (Mild Hyperbaric Therapy)
  • $ 65
  • mHBT Session (After Initial)
  • $ 50

    Package Pricing:
  • Colon Hydrotherapy:
    • (3 Sessions)
      (6 Sessions)
      (12 Sessions)
  • Far-Infrared Sauna:
    • (3 Sessions)
      (7 Sessions)
    $ 65
  • Ionic Foot Bath – 30 Minute:
    • (3 Sessions)
      (7 Sessions)
  • mHBT – Mild Hyperbaric Therapy:
    • (5 Sessions)
      (10 Sessions)
      (20 Sessions)
      (40 Sessions)
    NOTE: Packages are for individual use only and cannot be shared. All package deals must be used within 12 months after purchase, or forfeit remaining sessions.


    Due to our commitment to serve everyone and the limited availability of open consultation time, as of February 1st 2016 we require a non-refundable Security Deposit to hold all Initial Consult/Service appointments. All new clients will be assessed a Security Deposit based on the below schedule:

    Please note: the Security Deposit will be applied to the cost of your first consult/service visit or serve as the missed appointment fee for cancellations without a 2 business day notice.

    Security Deposit Fees:
  • 90-Minute Initial Consultation
  • $ 75
  • 60-Minute Initial Consultation
    (includes children up to age 12)
  • $ 75
  • 60-Minute Initial Phone Consultation
  • $ 60
  • Initial EAV
  • $ 75
  • Initial LBM
  • $ 75
  • Initial Colonic
  • $ 75
  • Initial mHBT
  • $ 30
  • Initial Far Infrared Sauna Therapy
  • $ 10
  • Initial Bio-Mat
  • $ 10
  • Initial Foot Bath
  • $ 15


    Due to our commitment to offering consult/service time to all our clients, we must post and enforce a missed appointment fee schedule.
      Please note: the Security Deposit (please see Secure your Appointment above) will apply and serve as the missed appointment fee for cancellations without a 2 business day notice.

      Ex. If your appointment is on a Monday, must call by Thursday of the prior week to cancel without being charged.
    All cancellations must be done via phone call during open business hours. If you call while we are closed, leaving a voicemail WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

    All missed appointments with less than a two business days’ notice of cancellation will be billed as follows:

  • New Patient Consult-90 Minute
  • $ 75
  • New Patient Consult-60 Minute
    (includes children up to age 12)
  • $ 60
  • New Patient Phone Consult-60 Minute
  • $ 75
  • Initial EAV Testing
  • $ 75
  • Initial LBM
  • $ 50
  • Initial Colon Hydrotherapy Session
  • $ 75
  • Colon Hydrotherapy Session
  • $ 50 or loss of session on package deals
  • Initial mHBT Session
  • $ 30
  • mHBT Session
  • $ 25 or loss of session on package deals
  • Far Infrared Sauna Session
  • $ 10
  • Initial BioMat Session
  • $ 10
  • Ionic Foot Bath Session
  • $ 15
  • "Free" 30 minute Consult
  • $ 50
  • Live Blood Microscopy
  • $ 50
  • Follow Up Appointment
  • $ 25

    We understand that extenuating circumstances exist. Any appointment cancelled and rescheduled on the same day will be gracefully considered on a per-case basis. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE BUSINESS NEED FOR THESE CHARGES.


    We all have inner desires of what our personal optimal health would be. Create a clear mental picture of your health desires, write them down, and then write simple steps of choices you can make to work towards that goal based on your current understanding of what it will take to get there. Next, I encourage you to speak out loud everyday a personal positive statement regarding each goal, telling yourself that you are making progress and choices that bring you closer to your health desires. Finally, listen to your inner voice when good or bad health choices present themselves and have the faith and belief that your health desires will occur.

    You can't reach a desired goal unless you believe it is possible, and make choices that lead you where you desire to go.

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