Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc.

Our Mission

Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc. strives to serve with Christian principles and integrity to deliver naturopathic care with uncompromising compassion... to educate with pure motives through example and discussion, a lifestyle of health... to seek and discover understanding of optimal methods of disease detection and supportive approaches to restore health.

Meet Doc Misak

After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from West Virginia University in 1992, Darrell S.C.S. Misak gained 3½ years of university hospital pharmacy experience at Duke University Medical Center.

During his hospital pharmacy experience, Dr. Misak’s primary focus was clinical rounding in Oncology and General Medicine. As he began to realize the pitfalls of traditional medicine and pharmacy, he started his continued search for truth in health, which directed him to naturopathic medicine.

In 1996, he moved his family across the country to Portland, Oregon, where he received his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Additionally, while in naturopathic medical school, he was blessed with the opportunity to gain 5 years of compounding pharmacy experience at Lloyd Center Pharmacy.

Since moving to the Pittsburgh area, Dr. Misak has continued his search for truth in health with a goal to teach and change the world. He performs regular lectures and does YouTube shows teaching the concepts of bio-electric chemistry and how to optimize personal energy efficiency.

Dr. Misak owns and operates Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc. in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, where he focuses on health analysis and how to support optimal energy formation to result in natural health restoration. In essence, his goal is to teach health and observe restoration.

To learn more, visit his website at www.docmisak.com.

Practice Philosophy

In this day of medicine, where the “alternative” is natural health support versus drugs and surgery, an understanding of the basic philosophy behind the “alternative” and who you are dealing with becomes important. A fundamental belief in the body’s ability to heal is seen virtually with all “alternative” practitioners; however, the process, approach, and extent of what “healing” means is seen as a primary variable as to whose approach is in line to your belief system.

Unfortunately, alternative medicine is rapidly accepting the framework of traditional medicine as the diagnosis and treatment of disease, only treating with natural substances instead of drugs and surgery. Science is continually showing that the use of basic physiology support with nutrients and/or herbs can have positive outcomes in regards to the treatment of various disease processes. This is great!!! However, this is where our clinic viewpoint of disease varies wholeheartedly from this accepted norm. We attempt to follow the principles found in the historic application of Nature Cure.

If you accept this model of disease and treatment thereof, then you acknowledge that disease is an accepted part of normal physiology. We do not believe this! Basic biology shows us that the function of each living cell is to perform homeostasis and constantly work towards optimal health in the given environment created for that cell. The question then comes as what environment have you created for your cells? Additionally, based on this created environment can we identify principle toxic components and focus therapy at supporting the body to eliminate these burdens? Your symptoms are due to the sum total of all your toxic burdens reaching a threshold point where your body can no longer control or neutralize the daily toxic threat in addition to its stored burdens.

In this world of daily exposure to low levels of various toxic substance, many of which are known to bio-accumulate in fat tissue, your cellular environment is stressed. At what point, whether over 20-30 years or less, does you accumulation ability reach a saturation point where your cells can no longer store these toxins? This would lead to a constant low level of circulating toxins that can cause a variety of health related issues. If you don’t believe you are exposed daily to toxic substances, then check out the Agency of Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and Environmental Protection Agency websites and begin to read. Educate yourself!

Next, what about healing? Personally, I believe the God of this universe after creating man and saying that everything created was “very good” (Gen. 1:31), did not have disease in mind for our bodies. Additionally, the story of Job shows who can afflict us, and Acts 10:38 tells how Jesus Christ removes these afflictions. The Bible also tells us that God gave us the plants and animals as food on this earth (Gen. 9:3) for our health, and through his blessings and worship of Him, He will take away sickness and give you a full life span (Ex. 23:25-26).

So what do we do at our clinic? If you accept that disease, or symptoms of disease, is an indication that something is not right and your body is trying to signal you, then our job is to try and help you figure out what could be causing it. There are general detoxification supportive therapies such as constitutional hydrotherapy, classical hydrotherapy, colon cleansing kits, far-infrared sauna, and functional nutrition and/or herbal support. However, the idea is to identify your personal burdens (food/chemical sensitivities and environmental factors from exposure history/potential) and functionally support your body, based on current signs/symptoms, to increase its effectiveness to handle or process these burdens and naturally restore health.

The 5 Phase Optimal Health Program©

A Functional Approach to Achieve Optimal Health for All

Developed as a program to simplify the complexity created in today's alternative health industry, the 5 Phase Optimal Health Program © adopts traditional naturopathic principles and guides you through your personalized health journey.

You begin with the end in mind. What does this mean? You must first make a choice to claim your health, set your goals, and settle for nothing less.

After you choose to make your health and life more positive, you prioritize the 5 Phase Optimal Health Program as your personal outline for health success.

In today’s toxic world, the environment works against your health. The 5 Phase Optimal Health Program is an effective and practical approach to change your life and health permanently.

Developed by Darrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh, through Christian inspiration, this practical approach uses the principles of naturopathic medicine, with understanding of your body’s God-given ability to heal. It is Dr. Misak's desire to provide all people the ability and understanding of how to change your life and adopt a basic approach to lifelong optimal health.

With any project, a goal or blueprint is used as a template with the end design in mind. Next a firm foundation must be laid down to create something that will last a lifetime.

Phase I of the 5 Phase Optimal Health Program© begins with establishing your personal health goals, then preparing your body’s environment to achieve optimal cellular function. The focus is on pure air, pure water, pure food, and electromagnetic field (EMF) protection, thus reducing the toxin load that burdens you body.

Therefore, Phase I lays a foundation of health by reducing modifiable stressors in your physical environment and drawing a personal blueprint to base future health choices upon.

A foundational principle of naturopathic medicine, Tolle Causum, states that the cure is found with removal of the cause. "Disease is the body’s sign of over burden, caused by the sum accumulation of all the body stressors (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical)."

Identification and elimination of body burdens (stressor) serve as the foundational naturopathic treatment of disease. It is important to find a health practitioner that will work with your health goals in mind and use the tools available to seek the cause of your complaints.

Phase II is focused on the identification of your personal causes of disease using various testing techniques that help explain your symptom picture.

Support, by definition, means “to hold up or in a position”, and “serve as a foundation or prop”. A general public and industry understanding of nutritional support is more in the role of replacement.

Nutritional support should be, by definition, a reinforcement to an appropriate toxin free diet and lifestyle. The goal of the support is to provide additional nutrients with a purpose to improve the efficiency of your body. Environmental Support Basics™ serve as a nutritional foundation toward this goal.

When considering the needs of the body in today’s toxic world, the focus of your supportive strategy must be on improving toxin elimination processes. Why? Because the body heals itself when your total stress load is below your body’s threshold stress point where symptoms occur.

If you have begun Phase I and II with general environmental and individual stress load reduction, and then provide a focused personalized nutritional and herbal support plan, you will naturally enter into Phase IV with detoxification and healing.

Most people are resistant to change and find comfort in a well defined pattern of life. Only when the pattern becomes discomforting or ineffective to support our desired outcomes do we look in other directions. Health works the same way. Many people experience a life-threatening health event before they convince themselves it is time to change their approach.

Phase IV of the 5 Phase Optimal Health Program© is your crossroad to making decisions that will impact your health for your lifetime.

At this point you should already have laid down a foundation for wellness and cellular health. Next you must take steps to incorporate lifestyle changes that reflect your health goals and create habits that promote lifelong health. This is the most difficult Phase of the 5 Phase Optimal Health Program©, as the hardest part of maintaining these habits is working through the side effects of healing through detoxification. The health rewards are exponential from the healthy habits you sow.

As stated in Phase I of the 5 Phase Optimum Health Program©, we must begin our healing with the end desire in mind. Phase 5 of this process involves periodic re-evaluation of our desires and goals, with a reorganization of life to achieve them.

Understanding your own life helps you to hear and better understand everyone around you. When you have a positive focus in life, you will make decisions that reflect your goals and potentially have a positive impact on the lives of everyone you interact with. This is called character development and wisdom.

This process is ever changing with a steady gain of knowledge throughout your life. As your knowledge increases, you will naturally re-evaluate your goals and structure your life to achieve your new goals. The process becomes increasingly more rewarding with each day, and you will see the potential world changing impact your life has on the people around you.