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"Life is governed by a set of natural principles and laws. As we recognize and honor these principles with our lifestyle choices we improve the quality of our lives." -Darrell Misak, ND, RPh

Make Your Health And Wellness A Priority

Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc. is a holistic alternative medicine center where you can find health and wellness through a foundation of traditional naturopathic principles. Our focus is to provide answers to your health concerns through the care and instruction of Darrell S.C.S. Misak, ND, RPh, a dual degree pharmacist and licensable naturopathic physician.

Many health concerns are associated with living in today's toxic world. Our services include nutritional consultation, live blood microscopy, food/chemical sensitivity screening, far-infrared sauna therapy, ionic foot baths, colon hydrotherapy, and more to create the premier detoxification and wellness center in the Pittsburgh area.

We also offer customized and professionally approved products to detoxify your body, promote natural health, and protect you from toxin exposure.

We treat people, not symptoms.

Constantly seeking to improve your health and optimize our service methods, our mission is to continually adopt ideal methods of health support.

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Dr. Misak is the man! My mother came to him with chronic pain to the point where she could barely walk. He did his initial consultation of 3.5 hours (yes that is correct... how many Dr's do you know that spend that much time with their patients) and pinpointed her issues, provided natural medicine and in 2 weeks, she was feeling 100 times better. I really appreciate what you have done for me, my wife and my mother!